Monday, July 20, 2009

Check out this funny video of Pee Wee!!! LOL

I'm no longer surprised at why he was arrested hahaha. I always knew somin freaky was goin on with those fantasy objects on Pee Wee's Playhouse lol.

LMAO I looked up the definition of splooge on and this is what I found.(After going on there how bout a Word of the Day?! more on that later...)

v. intr.
To jettison excess sperm during the peak of male sexual arousal while engaging in sexual activity.

v. intr.
To take part in manual stimulation of the penis.

The excess sperm jettisoned during manual or foreign stimulation of the male reproductive organ.

Related Words-

One that engages in splooging.


1. As I sat on the receiving end of oral stimulation, I splooged in my significant other's visual receptor.
2. I had not encountered any female willing to peak my reproductive organ's arousal, so I engaged in splooging for two hours to rid myself of undesirable sexual tension.
3. I took part in opening my content storage locker only to find my shirt overlaid with splooge.

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