Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I really NEED to get one of these lol...

The ultimate laser...

"A new induction to the laser pointers spree and the Star Wars mania is SKYlasers, a house of laser pointers that has rolled out an awesome range of high-powered green laser pointers. With a mesmerizing range, the green laser pointers draw power from 2 AAA batteries and can be easily activated by pressing the on/off switch.
SKYlasers do not sell ordinary green laser pointers. Their high power laser pointer units are capable of emitting a visually stunning green laser beam virtually touching the stars in the sky. Starting at only $39.99, Skylasers make a perfect gift for astronomers and Star Wars fans!
SKYlasers green laser pointers are powered by 2 AAA batteries and can be easily activated by pressing a momentary on/off switch. Their green laser pointers come with a set of keys which are used to operate a power adjusting feature located at the rear of the laser pen. You can choose to operate the laser pointer in three different modes: locked, high power, and low lower."
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They're only $40! WOW! I gotta get one but then again I'd be tempted to point it in someone's eye lol.

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